"Education is the true heritage"

Kigezi Orphans Children's Charity (KOCC) is a community based organization (CBO) and charity project working with orphans, widows, pygmies and people with disabilities around Lake Bunyonyi in Uganda. The organization was started by Arinaitwe Titus, who identified and recognized the suffering of orphans in Uganda and Africa at large. The project currently has 124 children, and is growing.

KOCC provides accommodation, a safe environment, food and clothing, healthcare, education and life skills. Above all we extend a loving hand to those in disadvantaged and helpless situations.

So far KOOC has eight staff members: four teachers, one cook, one cleaner, a matron and a patron. However we rely on the big hearts of volunteers in the local communities and abroad to help us in our mission.

How we help



We provide three meals a day to the orphans and have introduced a system of hiring land for cultivation in order for the orphans to produce their own food. This system involves orphans who are ten to fifteen years old.



We have rented a house where we can bring all the orphans together and provide them with accommodation and food in one place. This is mostly the double orphans; children who have lost both parents.



We try to buy clothing and school uniforms for the children as best we can, but we also rely heavily on donations from local people and tourists from outside Uganda. 

Education & Skills


We have qualified and experienced teachers who follow the national curriculum. We train children in skills such as hand work, dancing, storytelling, games and sports.

Fighting HIV/AIDS


Our program 'Light the World', takes health workers into the villages to provide HIV blood testing, education and counselling, and teaches the community about HIV/AIDs through community gatherings, seminars, preaching, and poems.



We are always in need of supplies such as bedding (mattresses, sheets, blankets), shoes and sandals, socks and soap, as well as school equipment like books, paper, pens, erasers, pencils and maths sets.